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Acetone MPG (Miles Per Gallon) Increases & Decreases By Make & Model

Note About Acetone Results

Take this information with a grain of salt. I believe that some of the claims here are exaggerated because people not only added acetone to their tanks, but also altered their driving habits - likely without realizing they were doing so. Overall, in my personal experiments, I saw a gain of about 10% better mpg while not altering my driving habits.

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Personal Experiences of People Adding Acetone To Their Cars


1992 Acura Integra
Fuel Drops Mileage by 1.1% - Four runs of ~100 miles, two without acetone, two with, did not yield increased mileage as expected, but a slight decrease. Ratio may be too rich.


1994 BMW 325i
After 1 month of use OBC indicates an increase in inner city gas mileage from 19mpg to 23.5mpg. Car runs smoother, most noteably the throttle response.
2001 BMW 330i
After 1 month of use OBC indicates an increase in inner city gas mileage from 18mpg to 20.5mpg. Highway mileage increased from 23 to 27mpg. Car runs smoother in cold mornings.
1993 BMW 520i
Approx. +13% fuel economy , more power/torque , smooth idle and comfortable engine


1996 Blazer
Mileage improvement, exhaust odor gone, better idle.
1986 Chevy K5 Blazer
Went from 11 mpg to 15 mpg using 2 oz / 10 gal
1990 Geo Metro
Modest increse in economy Without acetone was 57.0 mpg. With acetone was 58.5 mpg, a 2.5% increase.
1986 Chev Blazer S-10
Improves mileage and performance by adding 1-2 oz acetone/10 gal.
1994 Chevy Suburban
Report that 3.5 oz per 10 gallons led to 20%+ DROP in fuel economy. One test only. Could have been measurement error.
1983 S10 2.8 6 Cyl.
15 MPG average. 3 oz. / 10 gal = 13 mpg - 2 oz. / 10 gal = 13.5 - 1 oz / 10 gal = 18 mpg.


2002 Sebring Convertible - Generally better performance...1st try, 1oz to 10 gallons no mileage increase (27 mpg), 2nd try 3 oz to 10 gallons, mileage decrease (22 mpg), 3rd try was 3 oz to 10 gallons and no mileage increase (27 mpg)...will keep trying. Car typically gets 27 mpg without Acetone.


1997 Daewoo Cielo
Increased mileage, power, and performance over last six months of usage
Daewoo Lemanz 1994
Still testing (30 ml / 20 Liter), in general more power , smoother idle , more torque, less fuel consumption, engine noise decreased .
i usually get 31 mpg.


1996 Dodge Grand Caravan
At a ratio of 2.8oz. per 10 gallons of premium gasoline, I have enjoyed a 12mpg increase in efficiency in my Dodge Grand Caravan.


1996 Ford Aspire
Performance appears to be good. Note some oil leaking.
1996 Ford Aspire
A 12% increase in mileage with 6559 miles logged on acetone. A continuing study in order to fine tune the ratio to get the best gas mileage. In my experience, it works.
1994 Ford Escort
Mileage and performance improvements
1997 Ford Escort
After running 7 tanks using varying amounts of acetone, and different grades of gas, I still am not seeing any improvement over 1 or 2 MPG. Still continuing to use it though and trying to come up with some solid results. In the process of increasing my acetone by 1 oz each new tank. I am testing around 5oz/tank
1998 Ford Escort
2,000 miles with acetone so far. Went from an average of 270 (was impossible to go over 300) miles out of 10.5 gallon tank to an average of 330, and a record of 363 by using 3 oz of acetone. Same if not worse driving habbits (gotta love the improved acceleration). I will never drive without acetone again. -- Alex K.
1999 Ford Expedition
27 percent increase at 50mph and a 33% increase at 70 mph. FarleyS.
1996 Ford Explorer
16.7 to 20 mpg with 3 oz / 10 gallon mix.
1995 Ford F150
I have a Ford F150 with a 5.8 liter. V8 Truck has approximately 157,000 miles on the odometer. I have run the acetone test with the following results while using 2 oz. per ten gallons normally I get about 220 miles per 17 gal. tank. With the addition of acetone the mileage has gone up to 248 per 17 ga. tank. The acceleration is improved and morning start up is almost instant.
2004 Ford F150
16-17 mpg hwy before; 22-24 mpg hwy after
2002 Ford F-250
Powerstroke Tests; still testing, but so far a loss in mileage for Diesel; black smoke has gone away
Ford Ranger
Initial findings from adding 2 oz / 10 gallon ratio: increased power, better idle, better shifting. 25.5% increase in mileage in Ford Ranger 4x4 Extreme with acetone added in ratio of 2 onces per 10 gallons.
Ford Ranger 4x4 Extreme
Increase by 32% at 2.5 oz/10gal.
1988 Ford T-bird
Mileage increases 18%
2000 Ford Taurus
No mileage increase noted yet. Only one tank and I poured 6oz for the 18 gallon tank. However, car idles MUCH smoother.
2002 Ford Windstar - Mileage decreased by 1-2 MPG using 2.0oz acetone per 10 gal fuel. I believed it is the additives in the Cali. gas that prevents benificial results. I have a buddy with the same vehicle in South Carolina who got a significant increase in MPG.

Note From The Professor: It is likely this individual was using gasoline that had higher concentrations of alcohol in it. Alcohol counteracts the effectiveness of Acetone.

2003 Ford Escape
When experimenting with different mixtures, use that mixture for TWO tanks of gas. I've learned single-tank acetone experimentation is almost COMPLETELY unreliable. That said, my 2003 ford escape gets 18.5 mpg on plain gasoline. I've had the following success with multi-tank mixtures of the following:
1oz per 16 gal, nothing.
2oz per 16 gal, 1 - 2 mpg increase. Engine idle down by 50-100rpm.
3oz per 16 gal, 2 - 4 mpg increase. Engine noise reduced, idle speed not recorded.
4oz per 16 gal, 4 - 6 mpg increase. Engine accelerates smoother.
5oz per 16 gal, 3 - 6 mpg increase, this appears to have about the same effect as 4oz.
6oz per 16 gal, 3 - 5 mpg increase. mpg is going down slightly. anything above this decreases mpg.

Opel / GM

Opel Vectra
2 oz per 10 gallons, saw mileage go from 25.6 to 28.3 mpg, with engine and idle running smoother.


1996 Honda Accord Wagon
22% increase in mileage with 3.5 oz acetone per 10 gallons; smoother performance
Honda Civic Hatchback
Substantial mileage and performance improvements in his Civic, using 1 oz acetone / 10 gallons gasoline.
1994 Honda del Sol
20% increase in mileage with 2 oz acetone per 10 gallons; slight increase in performance to. I travel 150 miles a day to and from work. I definately have enjoyed this decrease in gas spending.
2003 Honda Element
Modest increase in mileage.
2000 Honda Odyssey
Improved mileage and performance.
2004 Honda Pilot
20 to 25 mpg with mixture of 3 oz per 10 gallons of fuel
1993 Honda Prelude
1992 Honda Prelude
No significant increase in housepower. Original is 13 L/100 km (17.759 mpg). Pure city drive in Ottawa, with average speed < 65 km/h (40 mph). By keeping 60 mL of acetone, fuel consumption is keep on dropping for every refill. I suspect it is cleaning up the carbon deposit, or something, and making more efficient fuel consumption. By theory, 60 mL of acetone should show constant mpg, if driving habit does not change. However, I still don't archive it yet, so I will expect 60 mL will continue improve the mpg in next few months. I should perform another test without acetone, if it has clean up my engine.
2007 Honda Pilot
Vehicle was running at 20 L / 100 km. Since then started with 2 oz for the 72 liter tank. Mileage was improved and definitely more pep. Decreased the amount of acetone to 1/2 oz for every half tank and the fuel efficiency, mainly city driving improved at 17L/100km. Tested primary highway driving with the aceton and discovered 14L/100km. Really great mprovement.


1997 Isuzu Rodeo
Increase in mileage, engine runs quieter


2002 Lexus GS 430
City driving showed a 1.2 mpg increase...less than 10% increase. Highway at 80 mph went from 17.5 to 20.3 mpg -- better than city. I'm using 3oz / 10 gal premium.


1990 Town Car Home
3oz/10 gal in 90 town car over same 60 mile route 10 times /week gave a 5% increase in fuel economy."


1998 Mercedes C-class c200
Smoother idle , more power , fuel economy drastically increased, no side effects (2 oz / 10 gal).
1981 Mercedes W123
No need to heat up the engine in the cold mornings , no engine hesitation, more power , more torque , fuel economy increased so much. not any problems yet.(March, 2007)


1999 Mercury Cougar
Drop in mileage using 3 oz / 14.7 gallons.
1998 Mercury Tracer
I could NEVER get above 330 miles on a tank of gasoline without using acetone in my fuel. I started using 2 oz. acetone per 10 gallons gas and I now get 380 miles per tank. My economy has gone from 29 mpg w/o acetone to 34 mpg w/ acetone. My overall increase is 17% more mileage. I'm sold and will NEVER fill up without using acetone again!


2002 Mini Cooper
29 mpg before, 32 mpg after


1994 Lancer
My average fuel economy went from 10.x km/L to 14.67 km/L using 2oz per 10 gal acetone.


2000 Altima GXE
3 oz per 10 gallon ratio. So far, I have not observed anything at all.
1998 Nissan March
Improved performance.
1996 Sentra
Increased mileage , better performance, at 3 oz / 10 gal.
1988 Skyline GXE
Smoother, better mileage (unquantified), after just two tanks! on 125ml per 60 litres of petrol.
1987 300ZX
Increase of around 28% in mpg from 21 to 27 for summer mixed driving...at least 1/2 of this increase is from driving easier and other mods though.


Peugeot 309 1.6i
Ratio 1:500 or less, 13 % increase in mileage, average over a year. Forgot to add acetone some times, mileage could get better.


1995 Pontiac Bonneville
Mixed extents of increased mileage; better at 2.5 oz than 2 oz/10gal
2000 Pontiac GrandAm SE
22-24mpg average over several tanks; 91 octane+acetone:24-27mpg average over several tanks, better response noted also.
1984 Pontiac Parisian
More miles per gallon, and "takes off like a rocket."
1997 Pontiac Grand Prix
First test had little to no effect.


2002 Saturn SL1
I have been useing acetone for over a year now and have noticed that my average per tank was 33mpg. With 2oz acetone for 12 gallons of regular gas I get 40/41 mpg.


Subaru Legacy
Mileage went from 24 mpg to 29.5 mpg using 3 oz per 10 gal. acetone over 1800 miles. Notes better idle, engine running smoother.


2004 Toyota Avalon
I originally was getting 350 miles per tank, and the tank is 17.5 gallons(20mpg). However after the acetone, I have noticed huge improvements! I have gotten mileage of 408, 426, 414, and 432.
2004 Toyota Avalon
Monitored engine for first 2 weeks of May, 2008. I have a 50 mile commute to work each day and I averaged 26 mpg driving at 60mph. On May 15, 2008 I added 3oz pure acetone to a full tank of gas and drove home from work and averaged 32.5 mpg driving at 60mph. An immediate 25% increase.
1998 Toyota Corolla
After a full year of experimentation with acetone, I can see a fairly consistent 10% increase in MPG. Mixture is always 3oz to 10gal, 95% city driving.
1999 Toyota Corolla
Mileage up by more than 10%; performance increase noted
1988 Toyota Cressida
Slight power increase...probably from cleaning effects.
Note From The Professor: Take a look at this guy who has been using acetone for two years below!
1986 Toyota Cressida
I've been using Acetone in my gas tank with Regular gas for two years. I have been enjoying a 20-25% increase in mileage PLUS noticeably better acceleration, with NO problems of any kind. I add about 3 oz Acetone/10 gal of gas using a glass pyrex measuring cup and a funnel.
2003 Toyota Highlander
Went from 20mpg to 22mpg in city and from 22mpg to 24mpg on the highway
Toyota Matrix
Essentially 'no change' over consistent route.
2005 Toyota Prius
43 mpg to over 54 mpg, on the same tank of gas
2007 Toyota Tacoma
After 2000 miles, mileage went from 20 down to 19 mpg.
1985 Toyota Tercel
Mileage is better.
2000 Toyota Tundra
4.5oz / 21 gallon ratio: increased power, better idle, no drip from tailpipe
2003 Toyota Yaris
Significantly increased mileage and performance all around.
2005 Toyota 4runner
2oz every 10 gal, driven 1600 miles thus far, ave 22.3mpg from best ever of 21mpg. If I drive 45-60 mph back roads I get ave 23.8mpg.


1989 Volvo 245
Volvo went from 24.95 mpg to 26.12 mpg using 2.5 oz / 10 gal.


2005 Jetta GLI
20% more gas mileage now like clock-work
2002 VW TDI
11% better mileage on average using 2 oz./10 gal. of diesel. Definitely worth doing!"

The above information was compiled using reports from wikipedia's report on acetone improvements found here: Clicky Thank you to all the people above who took the time to post your results, you will help lots of others in their quests to improve their own cars' mpg!